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the bogan delusion 2nd ed 3d

May 2012

eISBN: 9780987233325


The Bogan Delusion

Nothing defies cultured Australia’s sense of itself more than the bogan – that boorish, racist, drunken, sexist, bethonged, Barnesy-loving embarrassment out there in the back blocks. 

Part travelogue, part social critique, The Bogan Delusion explores the cultural and social landscape of Australia in 2011. It reveals, with searing analysis and sharp wit, that the bogan so widely feared is nothing more than a bogey: a convenient excuse for many to never venture beyond the cafe-lined cocoon of the inner city. What is believing in the bogan doing to Australia?


Praise for The Bogan Delusion

'Challenging and engaging, The Bogan Delusion pushes readers out of their comfort zone. Nichols possesses one of the best bullshit detectors around.'                 Sophie Cunningham

'With sociological precision, Nichols exposes how the term “bogan” is not an accurate description of a real group of people, but rather a reflection of the cut-off liberal classes’ own sweaty nightmares about an imaginary vulgar and cultureless horde “out there”.'         The Spectator

'In explaining the way the bourgeoisie bohemians are keepers of the cultural orthodoxy he explains us to ourselves. And if that isn’t an important role for a social science academic I will grow a mullet (conditions apply).' Stephen Matchett, The Australian

'Silly bugger.' Bob, Radio National talkback caller

'A thoughtful, provocative book.' Richard Fidler, ABC Radio Conversations

'Nichols has written about something more important than jokes about bad hairstyles and questionable taste...this is an important book.'                                     Sydney Morning Herald

'I think he might be trying to talk up the property values [in Broadmeadows].' The Age

'The book is easy to read despite using elements of sociology, cultural studies and suburban and urban theory.' elsewhere in The Age

'Explores his cross-cultural odyssey and growing dismay with the self-righteous smugness of those who live within 10km of a GPO.' The Punch

'Nichols describes prejudice against people for being comfortable in their own skins, details how the bogan came to be bogey and explains why it is nonsense.'     Weekend Australian

david nichols

David Nichols

David Nichols lectures in urban planning at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of The Go-Betweens and co-editor with Hannah Lewi of Community: Building Modern Australia. He has written for The Age, Rolling Stone, Meanjin, Puncture and The Big Issue.