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staunch 3d

August 2012

RRP: $24.95

ISBN: 9780980374636


198 x 128mm


Ward of the State

Half a million Australian children have been raised in institutional care. Staunch is the story of one boy's life as a ward of the state.

Given up at birth and 'divorced' from his adoptive parents at ten, Andy spent his adolescence in institutions and foster homes. It's not until he meets Mez, a kind-hearted carer, that Andy finds a parent figure he can trust and a reason to hope. But can he escape the cycle of self-destruction set off by years of neglect?

Staunch is a poignant portrayal of Andy and his friendship with Mez. It's also testament to the many thousands who survived harrowing experiences as Forgotten Australians.


Praise for Staunch

'What a powerful, insightful and honest account of life for more and more young people today. Every parent should read this book before they decide to have kids. Our community needs people like Andy to teach us what abuse and rejection can do to a young soul.' Jim Stynes

'One of the most difficult things I've had the pleasure of reading. An extraordinary book, the writing is brilliant...it is very hard to put down.' Waleed Aly, Radio National Drive

'Staunch is real-life grunge, and it leaves the literary stuff for dead. There's no glamour, no cool, just the piercing sadness of social truth.' Pick of the Week, The Age

'Entirely heart-wrenching.' Weekend Australian


Ginger Briggs

Ginger Briggs is a Melbourne writer. Her work has        been published in various national newspapers and magazines, and she gives writing workshops to judicial officers, lawyers and professionals.