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October 2010 

RRP: $29.95

ISBN: 9780980790412 


210 x 135mm

Rock and Hard Places

Travels to Backstages, Frontlines and Assorted Sideshows

Andrew Mueller couldn't decide between being a rock journalist, travel writer or foreign correspondent, so he hit upon the idea to be all three at once. Rock and Hard Places is a retrospective of the backstages, frontlines and assorted stageshows he's encountered over the past 20 years. 

Among his adventures, Andrew cracks America with Radiohead, wanders all over the shop with U2, and tunes into the music scene in bombed-out Sarajevo. He accidentally goes to war in Bosnia, watches Def Leppard play in a Moroccan cave, and tries to make sense of Gallipoli on Anzac Day. He's funny, unpredictable and occasionally makes a point.

Praise for Rock and Hard Places

'The best foreign correspondent of his generation.'      P.J. O'Rourke

'I can think of no more entertaining companion on a perilous journey than the ever hopeful, wildly optimistic yet clear-thinking Andrew Mueller.' Guardian

'He has cleverly combined a trifecta of roles...Good-humoured cynicism peppers the pages, and the refreshing Mueller isn't afraid to be the punch-line of his own jokes.' Courier Mail 

'This is a wonderful, exuberant and eccentric collection.' Sydney Morning Herald

'Andrew Mueller plays the hapless hack brilliantly, with lashings of irreverence and self-deprecating humour.The Age

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Andrew Mueller

Andrew Mueller is an Australian-born, London-based rock critic, travel writer, foreign correspondent, columnist and pundit. His previous book was I Wouldn't Start From Here: A Misguided Tour of the Early 21st Century, and he was a contributing editor to Robert Young Pelton's The World's Most Dangerous Places (fifth edition).