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The Good News About What's Bad For You (And Vice Versa)

by Jeff Wilser

Drink whiskey, take more naps, throw out your multivitamins: The Good News About What’s
Bad for You (and Vice Versa) provides all the latest research to justify indulging the vices you love and ditching the ‘healthy’ habits you hate. Jeff Wilser sprints through scientific evidence on everything from the benefits of procrastination and playing video games to the downsides of practising yoga and eating kale.

Humorous and life-affirming, this book is a slap in the face to the puritanical and a joyful endorsement for pleasure seekers. It’s all the proof you need that the best way to live a life is with ‘everything in moderation’.

January 2016, $24.99


Be Mindful & Simplify Your Life

by Kate James

Kate James serves up 50 bite-sized tips on how to live a more mindful and stress-free life.

Kate James is a coach, meditation teacher, speaker and writer. Through her business, Total Balance, she helps clients understand how to make mindfulness part of their everyday lives.

January 2016, $19.99


The Mindful Journal

by Kate James

A beautiful place to collect your thoughts, set your aspirations, or release your creativity ...

The Mindful Journal features suggestions and quotes from Kate James: coach, meditation teacher, speaker and author of Believe in Yourself and Do What You Love and Be Mindful and Simplify Your Life.

January 2016, $19.99


Best Australian Comedy Writing

Edited by Luke Ryan

Editor and comedian Luke Ryan has wrangled 24 of Australia’s finest comedy writers and rolled them into a single book of comedy gold. If there’s been a more impressive assembly of funny people in any Australian book ever, you can have your money back.

December 2015, $29.99


Death by Coconut

By Ruby Ashby Orr
Illustrated by Michael Weldon

Did you know you’re more likely to be hurt by a cow, a sinkhole or a champagne cork than by a shark? In fact, each year only around 10 people are killed in shark attacks worldwide, while around 73 million sharks are killed by humans. Sounds unfair? Of course it is, but when an attack is all over the news and the people are baying for shark blood, it’s easy to lose perspective. But culling them? Seriously? Let this little book set you straight.

Inside you’ll find 50 unexpectedly hilarious things that are far more dangerous than sharks, with entertaining illustrations and plenty of fun facts to help you get to know more about these misunderstood creatures.

25% of all profits will go towards shark conservation at the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

December 2015, $14.99



by Clare Burder

Have you ever been judged for drinking chardonnay with your roast lamb? Or caught out for not knowing that gin is a type of flavoured vodka? Have you ever been publicly beer shamed?

We’re a picky bunch when it comes to booze these days, but in this world of boutique gin bars and microbreweries, forty-page wine lists and specially designed glassware, the sheer range of options can be overwhelming. But don’t worry – Tipsy is here to help.

December 2015, $24.99



The World's Toughest Races

By Ali Clarke

What do canal jumping, swimming among sharks and running 251 kiometres in the Sahara Desert have in common? They're some of the wackiest, toughest and most extreme manpower races and challenges ever dreamt up.

This fact-packed miscellany is bursting with all the details, statistics and anecdotes of the world’s most unusual competitions (bog snorkelling, anyone?) and intense endurance contests (fancy a Death Race?).

Whether you’re an armchair thrillseeker or determined to push your limit, this book will entertain and inspire.

December 2015, $19.99



Colourful Characters

Illustrations by David Dunstan

From larrikins and eccentrics, to the hottest stars and celebs, to sporting champions, and everyone in between, Australia's favourite characters are waiting for you to reveal their true colours.

December 2015, $14.99


The Heart Healers

James S Forrester

One Australian dies from heart disease every twelve minutes. But hundreds of thousands have lived thanks to the greatest medical breakthrough of our lives.

World-renowned cardiologist Dr James Forrester tells the dramatic story of the misfits, mavericks and rebels who defied the accumulated scientific wisdom of the day to begin conquering heart disease. In The Heart Healers, he describes the risks these rebels took with their own lives and the lives of others to heal the most elemental of human organs.

November 2015, $29.99


It Happened on a Fishing Trip

Edited by Paddy O'Reilly

Fishing – we do it in ponds, creeks, great rivers, the deep sea. Some fall under the spell of the chase, some spend a lifetime trying to tie the perfect fly, some just like sitting on the pier for hours. These are tales of the fishing adventures and misadventures of amateurs and pros, one-time anglers, families and friends, in the stunning landscape of Australia.

Stories, pictures and hilarious anecdotes from folk across the country, including fishing royalty Vicki Lear • Philip Weigall • Steve Starling • Greg French, writers Hilary McPhee • Krissy Kneen • Vicki Hastrich • Angela Pippos and many more amateur enthusiasts.

This is the second in the It Happened series, following the hugely popular It Happened in a Holden.

November 2015, $29.99


Great Australian Urban Legends

by Eamon Evans

Satanists in Perth. Panthers in Sydney. Inner Melbourne's secret morgue.

Australia is stuffed full of stories that need to be taken with a big spoon of salt. Stories that we all know are silly, but that we also just can’t help sharing. In Great Australian Urban Legends, Eamon Evans presents you with myths, misconceptions and bare-faced lies about real people and real places down under. These pages libel Captain Cook and slander Phar Lap. They will annoy the Wiggles and David Boon. They will reveal whether Harold Holt really died, if the bunyip ever lived, and which famous Australian now gets by as a ghost.

November 2015, $29.99


Bruce Postle: Sport

by Bruce Postle

Sport presents 165 great sporting images from the golden age of press photography. Teeming with memorable moments, it features everything from cricket legend Bill Lawry socialising in the rooms after a 1965 Test to Glen Boss riding Makybe Diva to a third Melbourne Cup in 2005 – with every sport in between.

November 2015, $29.99


Resurrection Science

by M.R. O'Connor

In a world dominated by human interference and rapid climate change, species large and small are increasingly vulnerable to extinction. In Resurrection Science, journalist M.R. O’Connor explores the extreme measures that scientists are taking to try and save them, from captive breeding and translocating genetically rare individuals to frozen zoos and de-extinction. Each chapter in this beautifully written book focuses on a unique species and the people entwined in its fate.

October 2015, $29.99


The Western Front

by Phil Dwyer & Helen Duffy

The outcome of World War I was decided in France and Belgium. Using specially commissioned maps, stark wartime images and beautiful modern-day photographs this book takes a then and now approach to the battlefields, offering an understanding of the Western Front as it once was and as it is today. Extracts from war poetry and literature underscore the horrors of the war.

October 2015, $59.99


Greatest Sporting Moustaches

by Movember

There’s no denying it: nothing says ‘sport superstar’ like a great, filthy moustache. We may not know why this connection exists – perhaps it’s the testosterone, the aerodynamics or just the plain old swagger of a bit of face fur – but legends of sport from across history and the globe have proven it time and again.

In honour of this grand tradition, and in partnership with the Movember Foundation, comes this hilarious (or perhaps inspiring!) photographic celebration of the greatest moustaches ever to grace the world sporting stage: from Merv Hughes to Mitchell Johnson and Hulk Hogan to Manny Pacquiao.

October 2015, $14.99


Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride

by Alex Miles

Once upon a time, a mysterious someone walked into a girl’s life. After apologising for their clumsiness, they discovered a shared love for the important things – like trawling YouTube for cat videos. The question was popped, and the reply was a big whopping YES! It’s a familiar tale, but what the storybooks don’t reveal are the headaches and heartaches that usually ensue.

September 2015, $24.99


The Girl Who Lived

by Susan Berg

At fifteen, Susan Berg was on a boat trip with her parents and brother when their vessel began to sink. Desperate to find help, she swam ahead, struggling through darkness and rough sea. After nearly four hours, Susan, exhausted and barely able to walk, finally made it ashore. Her family did not.

September 2015, $29.99


Wild Man

by Alecia Simmonds

In April 2012 a man was shot dead by police on a remote farm in New South Wales called the School of Happiness. The victim, who was high on a cocktail of drugs and who suffered from mental illness, had been threatening attendees of a hippie festival with a crossbow and hunting knife. When the police finally arrived, they tried to subdue him but, ultimately, fatal shots were fired.

September 2015, $29.99


Speed Thrills

by Rodney Hogg & Jon Anderson

Ever since Mitchell Johnson and his mighty moustache struck fear into the English Ashes team, the cricketing world has been buzzing about fast bowling.

Now Rodney Hogg and Jon Anderson get up close with the greatest quicks in cricket history. In seventeen extended interviews – from Frank Tyson to Brett Lee, Sir Wes Hall to Shoaib Akhtar and Jeff Thomson to Allan Donald – Speed Thrills sets out to trace the journeys and plot the psychology behind the most ferocious speedsters to have graced the world stage.

August 2015, $35.00


Down Under

by Trevor Conomy

‘Down Under’ made Men at Work the biggest band on the planet in the early 1980s. The band split soon after, but ‘Down Under’ never stopped working. It became an unofficial national anthem, and was as unstoppable as the fried-out Kombi of its opening line.

Decades later, ABC’s Spicks and Specks innocently revealed a similarity between the song’s flute riff and an old nursery rhyme about a laughing Kookaburra. It sparked an epic legal stoush that shook the music world and will forever be associated with tragedy.

August 2015, $29.99


Playing On

by Michael Sexton & Neil Sachse

At 24, Neil Sachse was an Aussie Rules star on the rise. The burly South Australian had torn through the ranks to become one of the most sought-after players in the country. Then, in only his second game in the top flight, playing for Footscray, a front-on collision left Neil a quadriplegic.

It remains the most catastrophic injury to any player in the history of the VFL/AFL competition. However, it’s not the injury, but what Neil went on to achieve that has come to define him.

August 2015, $29.99


It Happened in a Holden

Edited by Paddy O'Reilly

The hugely popular It Happened in a Holden has been reformated and this edition is now only $19.99!

The Holden was the first car designed for Australia, rolling into our lives in 1948. Since then it has been rooted firmly in the Australian psyche. Holden models have defined generations. The FJ, the EH, the Torana, the Kingswood panel van, the Monaro, the ute – the name of each model is like a tuning fork for eras of Australian family, city and bush life.

Almost every Australian has a Holden story. They are funny, sad, ridiculous, moving, and sometimes lurid.

August 2016, $19.99

suppository 118

The Suppository of All Wisdom

by Andrew Thompson, Cartoons by Andrew Weldon

Inspired by Tony Abbott’s immortal verbal overreach, The Suppository of All Wisdom is a hilarious, fully illustrated guide to the words and expressions we most often mangle, muck up and just don’t quite understand.

You’ll be amazed at how many supposably well-educated speakers make mistakes – from schoolteachers, to newsreaders, to Rhodes Scholar prime ministers. Too often the misinformed flaunt the rules, and that’s a travesty. In one foul swoop, this book will make you sound smarter. It is the ultimate grammar guide, literally awesome, and begs the question: why not buy two?

July 2015, $24.99


Much Ado About Melbourne

by Jenny Sinclair

What shapes the character of Melbourne, and from where does it get its x-factor? Jenny
Sinclair goes in search of the answers and discovers that it’s all in our head – or at least
our collective imagination.

Much Ado About Melbourne is a whimsical and absorbing survey of the city’s creativity, from Hoddle’s Grid to the cultural achievements that help put us on the world map. Celebrating the tales, spirit and sensibilities that make this metropolis, it charts the evolution of Melbourne through its music, art, literature, film, stories, transport, maps and people.

June 2015, $35.00



by Rochelle Siemienowicz

In this frank, compelling and beautifully written memoir, Rochelle Siemienowicz provides an intimate portrait of the last days of an open marriage.

Raised as devout Seventh-day Adventists, who believe that the end of the world is near and that premarital sex is a terrible sin, Eve and her husband marry young. Rebelling against their upbringing, and in an attempt to overcome problems in their relationship, they enter an agreement that has its own strict rules. But when Eve holidays alone in her hometown of Perth during a hot West Australian summer, she finds her body and heart floating free.

Fallen is a true tale of sex, love, religion and getting married too young – and about what it feels like when you can’t keep the promises you once sincerely made.

May 2015, $24.99


She's Having a Laugh

In She’s Having a Laugh, 25 of the funniest women in Australia write about life, love and laughter. Their stories are irreverent, intimate and – most of all – often hilarious. They reflect on why they became comedians, celebrate the funny women in their own lives, explore what’s different about the female funny bone, and take a look at the power of laughter for us all.

April 2015
, $29.99


Motherhood & Creativity

Edited by Rachel Power

Do women still confront the attitude that they have to choose between following their creative dreams and having children? In Motherhood & Creativity, some of Australia’s most respected actors, writers,
artists and musicians speak frankly about the wrench
between motherhood and their creative lives.

In these compelling, honest and insightful interviews, 22 women open up about the various
challenges and pleasures they’ve faced when combining motherhood with an undiminished passion for their creative work.

April 2015, $24.99


Believe in Yourself and Do What You Love

by Kate James

Kate James serves up 50 bite-sized tips on how to live a more fulfilling and fantastic life.

January 2015, $19.99


Parenting Teenagers

The Reach Foundation

The Reach Foundation

Parenting Teenagers is a straight-talking and practical guide to supporting your kids through their teenage years. It provides all the information you’ll need, when you need it and without the fluff.

January 2015, $19.99


The Home Barista

by Simone Egger & Ruby Ashby Orr

Savvy, smart and beautifully illustrated, The Home Barista is the coffee-lover’s guide to becoming an expert, impressing your friends and getting a brilliant brew– all without even leaving home.

November 2014, $19.99


It Happened in a Holden

Edited by Paddy O'Reilly

The Holden rolled into our lives in 1948 and has been firmly rooted in the Australian psyche ever since. The FJ, the EH, the Torana, the Kingswood, the panel van, the Monaro, the ute – each car is like a tuning fork for eras of Australian family, city and bush life. Almost every Australian has a Holden story, and this book is packed with tales from all walks of Australian life. They are funny, brave, warm, sad and sometimes ridiculous.

Bruce Beresford • Jamie Whincup • Cate Kennedy • Father Bob Maguire • Kerry Greenwood • Shane Jacobson • Bev Brock • John Romeril • Anna Krien • Anson Cameron • Christine Nixon • Frankie J Holden • Tara June Winch • Peter Corris • Yassmin Abdel-Magied • Gary Poole • And many more

November 2014, $29.99


Adam Gilchrist The Man. The Cricketer. The Legend.

by Adam Gilchrist

Going in first or seventh, wearing whites or colours, Adam Gilchrist was the most exhilarating cricketer of the modern age.

This is the most complete, intimate and fascinating illustrated autobiography of ‘Gilly’, one of the most loved sportsmen of his generation.

Featuring personal photographs, stories and precious keepsakes from Gilchrist’s private life and illustrious career, this book provides unprecedented access to Gilly, on and off the field.

Peppered with anecdotes, reflections and jibes from friends, family and many of the biggest names in Australian and world cricket, this is the ultimate collection for sporting enthusiasts.

October 2014, $59.99


Flying on Broken Wings

A Journey of Unimaginable Betrayal, Resilience and Hope.

By Carrie Bailee

SOLD. She was nine years old.

Carrie Bailee fled Canada and came to Australia when she was twenty. Once here she was assisted by a number of Australian women, and was ultimately encouraged to apply for refugee status in order to stay in this country. So began her battle to be granted asylum in Australia. Carrie stood before the Refugee Review Tribunal and revealed the dark underbelly of child sexual abuse and organised crime rings in our privileged, first-world neighbourhoods.

This is the story of one young woman’s heroic journey to survive, escape and soar above her shocking childhood experiences, and her powerful struggle for freedom and a beautiful life in Australia.

October 2014, $29.99


Lesbian for a Year

by Brooke Hemphill

by Brooke Hemphill

What happens when a young heterosexual woman wakes up one morning with a splitting hangover and a naked woman wrapped around her? She kisses goodbye to her unfulfilling and messy straight life in search of something more.

And so begins Brooke Hemphill’s year of dating women. From a lesbian reality show and wild Mardi Gras parties to an illicit affair and a broken heart, Brooke learns more than she bargained for about herself, her sexuality, and the nature of relationships and intimacy.

September 2014, $29.99


Three-Quarter Man

by Sam Bramham

Sam Bramham doesn’t let a disability slow him down, or quell his larrikin streak. He’s a force of nature, as famous for making mischief as for winning Paralympic medals in the pool.

Despite an ‘international incident’ or two, Sam was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for being an inspiration and role model.

With his competitive spirit still burning, Sam is on the road to Rio, determined to win gold for Australia in the first ever Paralympic triathlon.

August 2014, $29.99


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo

by Luke Ryan

A year-long regimen of chemotherapy and radiotherapy wasn’t quite what Luke Ryan had in mind when he turned twenty-two. Especially having been through the same rigmarole when he was eleven. Needless to say, Luke is eyeing off thirty-three warily. 

Clearly there’s only one course of action to take when you’ve been handed two life-threatening diagnoses in twenty-two years: comedy. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo is a warm-hearted and hilarious memoir from someone who has laughed in the face of more adversity than most of us will encounter in a lifetime.

July 2014, $29.99


A Revolution in the Making

by Guy Rundle

Just as you were getting comfortable with a digital world, here comes the material revolution, a transformation in the production and distribution of, well, everything. 3D printing has broken out of its limited industrial uses and landed on a million desktops. New materials, such as graphene, will make it possible to print out complex and durable machines at costs approaching zero.

Guy Rundle talks to the people at the frontline of this mind-boggling new world, and paints a vivid picture of how life will change as today’s emerging technologies become mainstream.

July 2014, $19.99



by Justin Heazlewood

Funemployed goes beyond the press releases and the hype to show what it’s really like to be a working artist in Australia.

Through candid interviews, brutal honesty and lacerating wit, Justin Heazlewood (aka The Bedroom Philosopher) provides a fascinating portrait of life in Australia for artists and aspiring artists alike.

Part confessional and part rogue self-help book, Funemployed is a wholly fascinating insight for everyone who appreciates the arts in Australia. The life of an artist in Australia, from cradle to Centrelink.

June 2014, $24.99


Run for Your Life

by Jill Jolliffe

Unwillingly given up by her birth mother and adopted into a violent household, Jill Jolliffe found the course of her life set before she even had time to choose.

She ran away as a teenager and has been running ever since. Jolliffe became a thorn in the establishment’s side and earned herself a hefty ASIO file. Following her instincts, she became a foreign correspondent – risking her life to report on Indonesia’s occupation of East Timor, exposing sex-trafficking rackets in Portugal and ducking bullets while covering a war in Angola.

June 2014, $29.99


Life to the Limit

by Bev Brock

At 22, Bev Brock dived into shallow water and broke
her neck. She was told she’d never walk freely again.
A few months later she was out dancing in a neck
brace, and playing basketball the day the brace came
off. Bev Brock does not break easily.

After enduring more than her fair share of ups and
downs – including the heartbreaking public separation
from racing-car legend Peter Brock, and the messy
legal battle that left her flat broke – Bev continues to
celebrate life with inimitable wit, warmth, honesty and

April 2014, $29.99


Bully for Them

Edited by Fiona Scott-Norman

One of the most difficult things about being bullied is
the feeling that nobody else knows what it’s like.

Twenty-two of Australia’s most talented and successful people know exactly what it’s like.

March 2014, $24.99

changing gears smaller file

Changing Gears

by Greg Foyster

Greg Foyster quits his job in advertising and decides to live more simply. Looking for inspiration, he and his partner Sophie cycle from Melbourne to Far North Queensland (via Tasmania, naturally) scouting out ideas. Featuring eye-opening encounters with DIY downshifters and leading figures in sustainability, Changing Gears is a jaunty adventure that explores an important question for the future: can we be happier with less?

September 2013, $24.95


Out of Shape

by Mel Campbell

From corsets to skinny jeans, we have always fretted about our body shapes and why it’s so damn difficult to find a good fit. In this bold and entertaining book, Mel Campbell reveals how, when it comes to clothes and sizing, the past and present are cut from the same cloth.

June 2013, $24.95


Left Hand Drive

by Craig McGregor

Combining memoir, social commentary, and musings from his private notebooks, Left Hand Drive sees two-time Walkley Award winner Craig McGregor reflect on some of the most compelling and defining events of modern times.

May 2013, $24.95


A Flower Between the Cracks

by Helen Sage

When Helen’s daughter is involved in a catastrophic car accident, her life and the lives of her family are irrevocably changed.  

April 2013, $29.95


Come a Little Bit Closer

by Ian 'Peewee' Wilson

In this breezy and brilliant memoir, Peewee recalls the
highs and inimitable lows of life fronting Australia’s
iconic vocal group, The Delltones.

March 2013, $24.95


Joyful Strains

by Kent MacCarter & Ali Lemer (Eds.)

Joyful Strains collects twenty-seven memoirs from writers describing their expatriation to Australia.

January 2013, $24.95


Peter Brock

by Beverley Brock

This extraordinary book celebrates the life of Peter Brock through his family and friends, personal collections of photos, memorabilia and personalised letters.

October 2012, $29.99



by Ginger Briggs

The remarkable true story of Andy, who spent his adolescence in institutions and foster homes, and his unique friendship with his carer, Mez.

August 2012, $24.95


The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries

by Justin Heazlewood

A collection of hilarious and melancholic reports from
Justin Heazlewood, aka The Bedroom Philosopher, and his wealth of experience as a touring Folkstar.

May 2012,

$19.99 Paperback

$9.95 eBook


The Boy and the Crocodile

The Boy and the Crocodile is the legend of East Timor, a parable about kindness, and a delightful children’s book illustrated by orphans from East Timor.

November 2011, $19.95


The Bogan Delusion

by David Nichols

Nothing defies cultured Australia's sense of itself more than the bogan. Part travelogue, part social critique, David Nichols explores the cultural and social landscape of Australia in 2011. But what is the idea of bogans really doing to us all?

June 2011, $9.95 eBook


1001 Australian Nights

by Dave Graney

Legendary rock showman Dave Graney takes us on a journey of self-discovery. Spanning three decades, this ain't no standard rock'n'roll trip; it's an education. This is Graney up close, out there and on his game.

April 2011, $29.95


Peace of Wall

by Chris Parkinson

The images and words adorning the walls of East Timor reflect the country's tumultuous history, precarious present and hopeful future. Foreword from Jose-Ramos Horta.

April 2010, $29.95


50 Reasons to Quit/Keep Smoking

by Fiona Scott-Norman

One book with two covers, 50 Reasons to Quit/Keep Smoking is an audacious attempt to tackle the touchy subject of smoking with humour and logic.

August 2009, $14.95


From Little Things, Big Things Grow

From Little Things Big Things Grow gives Gurindji children the opportunity to retell their story to a new generation, and is a collaboration embodying the spirit of the song.

November 2008