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October 2014

Adam Gilchrist

The Man. The Cricketer. The Legend.

by Adam Gilchrist

Going in first or seventh, wearing whites or colours, Adam Gilchrist was the most exhilarating cricketer of the modern age.

This is the most complete, intimate and fascinating illustrated autobiography of ‘Gilly’, one of the most loved sportsmen of his generation.

Featuring personal photographs, stories and precious keepsakes from Gilchrist’s private life and illustrious career, this book provides unprecedented access to Gilly, on and off the field.

Peppered with anecdotes, reflections and jibes from friends, family and many of the biggest names in Australian and world cricket, this is the ultimate collection for sporting enthusiasts.


October 2014

Flying on Broken Wings

A Journey of Unimaginable Betrayal, Resilience and Hope.

by Carrie Bailee

SOLD. She was nine years old.

Carrie Bailee fled Canada and came to Australia when she was twenty. Carrie stood before the refugee review tribunal and revealed the dark underbelly of child sexual abuse and organised crime rings in our first-world, affluent neighbourhoods.

This is the story of one young woman’s heroic journey to survive, escape and soar above her shocking childhood experiences, and her powerful struggle for freedom and a beautiful life in Australia.


September 2014

Lesbian for a Year

by Brooke Hemphill

What happens when a young heterosexual woman wakes up one morning with a splitting hangover and a naked woman wrapped around her?

And so begins Brooke Hemphill’s year of dating women. From wild Mardi Gras parties to an illicit affair and a broken heart, Brooke learns more than she bargained for about herself, her sexuality, and the nature of relationships and intimacy.


August 2014

The Wonders

by Paddy O’Reilly

What happens when three ordinary people undergo radical medical treatments that make them international curiosities? They become wonders.

Brought together by a canny entrepreneur, ‘The Wonders’ are transformed into a glamorous, genre-defying, twenty-first century freak show. But what makes them objects of fascination also places them in danger.