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Gift Ideas

For the music aficionado...

1001 Australian Nights by Dave Graney and Rock and Hard Places by Andrew Mueller

Legendary rock showman Dave Graney takes us on a journey of self-discovery. Spanning three decades, this ain't no standard rock'n'roll trip; it's an education. This is Graney up close, out there and on his game.

Andrew Mueller couldn't decide between being a rock journalist, travel writer or foreign correspondent, so he hit upon the idea to be all three at once.

List price: $59.90

Special price: $29.95 (incl. postage)


For the Melbourne meanderer...

The Slow Guide to Melbourne and Slow Tracks by Jude Fitcher

The Slow Guide to Melbourne is a lifestyle guide for Melburnians who want to slow down and live it up. An alternative to guidebooks, it celebrates all that is local, natural, traditional, sensory and most gratifying about living in this corner of the world.

Keen to inspire city folk to explore regional Victoria, Jude Fitcher created Slow Tracks, a guide to all the charm and character of country Victoria that just happens to end up at some of our finest racetracks.

List price: $44.90

Special price: $22.95 (incl. postage)


For the sports fan...

Peter Brock by Beverley Brock

This extraordinary book celebrates the life of Peter Brock through his family and friends, personal collections of photos, memorabilia and personalised letters.

List price: $59.95

Special price: $39.95 (incl. postage)


For the Melbournophile...

When We Think About Melbourne by Jenny Sinclair and A Break in the Chain - The Early Kozminskys by Tangea Tansley

What exactly makes Melbourne unique? And where does it get its x-factor? When We Think About Melbourne is a wry and whimsical survey of our city's creativity.

A Break in the Chain is a brilliant imagining of three generations of real-life Kozminskys, bringing alive Melbourne of the past in a tantalising tale of fortune and faith, love and betrayal.

List price: $62.90

Special price: $29.95 (incl. postage)


For the true story enthusiast...

Staunch by Ginger Briggs and The Last Thread by Michael Sala

Staunch is the remarkable true story of Andy, who spent his adolescence in institutions and foster homes, and his unique friendship with his carer, Mez.

The Last Thread is Michael Sala’s fascinating life in fiction. From his early years in the Netherlands to
growing up in Australia during the 1980s, Michael recalls the secret surrounding his estranged Greek father and how scandalous events from the past fractured his family.

List price: $49.90

Special price: $24.95 (incl. postage)


For the little ones...

The Boy and the Crocodile

This is the legend of East Timor, a parable about kindness, and a delightful children’s book illustrated by orphans from East Timor.

List price: $19.95

Special price: $9.95 (incl. postage)


For the teen...

Don't Peak at High School by Fiona Scott-Norman (Ed.)

A host of celebrities including Charlie Pickering, Adam Goodes, Brendan Cowell, Marieke Hardy, Eddie Perfect, Judith Lucy, Kate Miller-Heidke and Wendy Harmer shine light into the dark basements of their past to inspire and reassure teenagers while providing precious insight for parents.

List price: $24.95

Special price: $11.95 (incl. postage)


For fans of short fiction and beautiful design...

Long Story Shorts series

Long Story Shorts is a project by Affirm Press to publish six collections of short fiction from individual authors. These six books have been created as a series, designed and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Dean Gorissen. 

List price: $149.70

Special price: $75.00 (incl. postage)