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The Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman

By John Tesarsch

When their reclusive father, Henry, shoots himself, the lives of three brilliant and unconventional siblings are upended. His daughter Eleanor finds a will: Henry has left his entire estate to a mystery woman. Hiding this from her brother and sister, Eleanor sets out to uncover the confronting truth about her father’s past.

Henry, though, isn’t the only Hoffman with secrets. As his children fall out over their inheritance, they learn things about each other they could never even have imagined.

July 2015, $24.99


Anchor Point

By Alice Robinson

When her mother disappears into the bush, ten-year-old Laura makes an impulsive decision that will haunt her for decades. Despite her anger
and grief, she sets about running the house, taking care of her younger sister, and helping her father clear their wild acreage to carve out a farm.

But gradually they realise that while they may own the land, they cannot tame it – nor can they escape their past.

Anchor Point is an eloquent and arresting Australian novel no reader will easily forget.

March 2015, $24.99


Moving Tigers

By Bob Franklin

Jean and her boyfriend travel to Nepal on a volunteering holiday, a Himalayan adventure and a chance to find themselves. But instead Jean finds herself tumbling into a vivid and unexplained psychosis.

In traditional Nepalese game Moving Tigers, tigers hunt goats while the goats choke the tigers’ moves. Jean can’t work out if she’s being hunted or choked, or who is friend or foe.

The cracks in her personality rupture, the chinks in her relationship become gaping holes, and Jean falls into the jaws of a catastrophe.

February 2015, $19.99


The Wonders

by Paddy O'Reilly

What happens when three ordinary people undergo radical medical treatments that make them international curiosities? They become wonders.

Leon has a small visible mechanical heart; Kathryn has been cured of a rare genetic disorder but is now covered in curly black wool; while performance artist Christos has metal wings implanted into his back. Brought together by a canny entrepreneur, ‘The Wonders’ are transformed into a glamorous, genre-defying, twenty-first century freak show. But what makes them objects of fascination also places them in danger.

August 2014, $29.99


The Factory

by Paddy O'Reilly

"When I first arrived in this prison, the cold whiteness of the walls and the thin bedding and the icy cruelty of the guards kept me occupied."

Hilda travels to Japan to research The Factory, a controversial arts community that collapsed twenty years earlier. But when The Factory is re-formed by old members, Hilda is drawn into a complex intrigue of love, betrayal and revenge. The secrets she uncovers and the ties she forms will push her to the edge.

October 2014, $24.99


The Strays

by Emily Bitto

On her first day at a new school, Lily befriends one of the daughters of infamous avant-garde painter Evan Trentham. He and his wife are trying to escape the stifling conservatism of 1930s Australia by inviting other like-minded artists to live and work at their family home. Lily becomes infatuated with this wild, makeshift family and longs to truly be a part of it.

Winner of the 2015 Stella Prize.

May 2014, $24.99


Creative Writing for Beginners

by Colin Batrouney

Joel is a charming drifter who finds his moorings in the world of books. He strikes up an unlikely friendship while attending a creative writing class, but as he opens up painful memories come flooding back. Meanwhile his flatmate, a budding actress named Nomee, battles her own demons after being cast in a dream role. This is an absorbing novel exploring love, creativity and ego.

May 2013, $24.95


The Last Thread

by Michael Sala

The Last Thread is Michael Sala’s fascinating life
in fiction. From his early years in the Netherlands to
growing up in Australia during the 1980s, Michael recalls the secret surrounding his estranged Greek father and how scandalous events from the past fractured his family.

February 2012, $24.95


A Break in the Chain - The Early Kozminskys

by Tangea Tansley

This novel is a brilliant imagining of three generations of real-life Kozminskys, bringing alive Melbourne of the past in a tantalising tale of fortune and faith, love and betrayal.

July 2011, $27.95


Two Steps Forward

by Irma Gold

Located in familiar Australian settings, this collection of stories brilliantly weaves together authentic characters and adverse scenarios.

This is the final collection in the Long Story Shorts series.

September 2011, $9.99



by Leah Swann

In this affecting novella and collection of stories, Leah Swann burrows deep into the souls of her characters to reveal universal complexities, frailties and strengths. 

This is the fifth collection in the Long Story Shorts series.

April 2011, $9.99


Having Cried Wolf

by Gretchen Shirm

Small towns harbour secrets. Rising and returning like the tides lapping the coastal town of Kinsale, the stories in this collection revolve around Alice and Grace, friends since childhood, who grow to live vastly different lives.

This is the fourth collection in the Long Story Shorts series.

September 2010, $9.99


Known Unknowns

by Emmett Stinson

Set largely in Washington DC immediately after September 11, these are engrossing stories that tap into the zeitgeist of disconnection, isolation and the loss of meaningful identity after these world-changing events.

This is the third collection in the Long Story Shorts series.

June 2010, $9.99


Nineteen Seventysomething

by Barry Divola

Against a backdrop of buzzing cicadas, Dragstar bikes, schoolboy rock bands, church youth groups, and Top 40 radio, Barry Divola deftly evokes that awkward, exhilarating journey from childhood to adolescence.

This is the second collection in the Long Story Shorts series.

March 2010, $9.99


Under Stones

by Bob Franklin

Dip into the world of Bob Franklin's fiction at your own risk. The calm surface belies a swift undertow and snags galore. These are not horror stories in the traditional sense; they are more unsettling than that.

This is the first collection in the Long Story Shorts series.

February 2010, $9.99