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April 2015

RRP: $24.99

ISBN: 9781922213648


210 x 135mm



Motherhood & Creativity –

The Divided Heart

Edited by Rachel Power

Do women still confront the attitude that they have to choose between following their creative dreams and having children? In Motherhood & Creativity, some of Australia’s most respected actors, writers,
artists and musicians speak frankly about the wrench
between motherhood and their creative lives.

In these compelling, honest and insightful interviews, 22 women open up about the various
challenges and pleasures they’ve faced when combining motherhood with an undiminished passion for their creative work.

shal web1

April 2015

RRP: $29.99

ISBN: 9781922213815


234 x 153 mm


She's Having a Laugh

25 of Australia’s Funniest Women on Life, Love and Comedy

In She’s Having a Laugh, 25 of the funniest women in Australia write about life, love and laughter. Their stories are irreverent, intimate and – most of all – often hilarious. They reflect on why they became comedians, celebrate the funny women in their own lives, explore what’s different about the female funny bone, and take a look at the power of laughter for us all.

Contributors include George McEncroe, Yumi Stynes, Gretel Killeen, Jennifer Wong, Tracey Spicer, Candy Bowers, Annabel Crabb, Fiona Scott-Norman, Corinne Grant, Anita Heiss, Jodie Hill, Tracy Bartram and Caitlin Crowley.

fallen 118

May 2015

RRP: $24.99

ISBN: 9781922213655


210 x 135 mm



A memoir about sex, religion and marrying too young

by Rochelle Siemienowicz

‘Call me Eve. Of course it’s not my real name. But it’s the name I call myself when I think back to that time when I was a young wife – so very young, so very hungry – and I picked the fruit and ate and drank until I was drunk with freedom and covered in juice and guilt.’

In this frank, compelling and beautifully written memoir, Rochelle Siemienowicz provides an intimate portrait of the last days of an open marriage.

Raised as devout Seventh-day Adventists, who believe that the end of the world is near and that premarital sex is a terrible sin, Eve and her husband marry young. Rebelling against their upbringing, and in an attempt to overcome problems in their relationship, they enter an agreement that has its own strict rules. But when Eve holidays alone in her hometown of Perth during a hot West Australian summer, she finds her body and heart floating free.

Fallen is a true tale of sex, love, religion and getting married too young – and about what it feels like when you can’t keep the promises you once sincerely made.